Innovation Conversation Podcast - Meet Harry, host of the podcast, passionate about driving innovation and inspiring change.


Harry McDonough

Meet Harry McDonough, a dynamic professional with 8+ years of experience in Project & Program management, SME Funding, Eco system Mapping, and Digital Marketing. Harry consistently drives growth across diverse industries, thriving in smart cities and innovation ecosystems.

As the SME Development Manager at Connected Places Catapult, Harry excels at preparing SMEs for investment readiness, reviewing business plans, conducting due diligence, and providing valuable coaching. Harry is  also a Startup Mentor, collaborating with organizations like UCL Hatchery, Carbon 13, and Transmit Startup Loans.

Harry's standout achievement includes co-founding Green Future Biofuel, securing substantial funding for a university startup and partnering on an extraordinary vertical farming prototype before obtaining a small acquisition.

Beyond startups, Harry is deeply committed to advocating for underrepresented youths and communities. As the Funding and Grants Director at Underdog Crew Studios, Harry has raised over £75,000 to support film initiatives promoting positivity and well-being among young adults. Grants obtained, such as the Art and Culture Grant, Act & Weave Accelerator, and Community 360 Grant, have positioned the studio for a successful launch, thanks to Harry's dedication.

If you're seeking guidance and support to navigate the challenges of the startup landscape or looking to contribute to positive initiatives, connect with Harry at []. 

Business I know you well :)

Innovation Conversation Podcast - Meet Ricardo, host of the podcast, passionate about driving innovation and inspiring change.


Ricardo Pascual

Ricardo Pascual is a highly experienced sales director with a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth and building effective sales teams. With expertise in B2B and B2C sales, particularly in the technology and software industries, Ricardo excels in developing and executing sales strategies, fostering client relationships, and identifying new business opportunities.

Known for his market data analysis and trend identification skills, Ricardo consistently delivers results. His strong leadership and strategic operational planning abilities have propelled him to success in domestic and international markets. Ricardo's talent for building high-performing teams and his sales effectiveness drive have consistently exceeded targets.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and proficiency in sales strategy, program management, and performance optimization, Ricardo leverages his expertise to streamline processes and maximize profitability. His strong relationship-building and stakeholder management skills have forged mutually beneficial partnerships at all organizational levels.

Ricardo's ability to execute sales strategies for complex accounts and his strategic sales planning expertise make him an invaluable asset. With his experience and skill set, Ricardo Pascual is your go-to sales leader for driving revenue growth, cultivating client relationships, and executing winning sales strategies. Contact Ricardo today to unlock your business's sales potential.

To get in touch with Ricardo and begin your innovative and inclusive journey, simply reach out at]

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Are you ready to dive deep into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship? Join us, a group of passionate professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in driving change and fostering innovation, as we bring you inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are breaking boundaries and reshaping industries.

 Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a business professional looking to drive change, or simply someone fascinated by the world of    innovation, this podcast is your gateway to gaining invaluable insights and inspiration. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered to embrace innovation and create positive change in your own life and work.

Tune in to The Innovation Conversation, where we explore the remarkable journey of entrepreneurs and the game-changing ideas that are transforming industries. Get ready to fuel your curiosity and ignite your passion for innovation. 🎧✨re...

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